Trilogy Capital Partners
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Trilogy Capital Partners is a New York-based financial services company engaged in international merchant banking, strategic advisory services and financial communications. Trilogy has aggregated highly experienced executives into a formidable financial team to provide a broad spectrum of services for emerging growth public companies, both domestic and foreign.


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Proven Performance.

We deliver shareholder value.

Trilogy is committed to finding the next Cisco, Amgen or Nike - companies that revolutionize their fields, create great products and deliver exceptional performance for their investors. We partner with companies with proven management and a compelling business model.


Uniquely Effective.

We know what works–and what doesn't.

Trilogy’s team has decades of combined experience in structuring corporate transactions for long-term viability across various markets and growth sectors. In addition to its merchant banking expertise, Trilogy provides unparalleled after-market support for its clients by leveraging traditional communications with next-generation financial marketing utilizing a broad array of methodologies including best-of-breed online communications, social networking and other relevant, effective avenues.

Highly Proactive.

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What Our Clients Say

"Along every step of the way, Trilogy has been nothing more than 100% focused on our needs, crafting robust investor relations assets that put our company and our innovative products in the best possible light. When Trilogy launched the marketing component of our campaign in September, there was simply no question in our minds that we had made the right decision. The results speak for themselves."

James Kerstein, CEO
Axion International


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Address:  1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950
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