Welcome to Trilogy Capital Group

Trilogy Capital Group, LLC is a private equity group principally engaged in the development of a series of private-to-public companies. Trilogy acquires or develops domestic and international companies pursuant to a buy and build or consolidation business model.

Trilogy Capital Group and its predecessor company, Trilogy Capital Partners, have been engaged in private equity, merchant banking and strategic advisory services since 2002.


The company’s focus is emerging growth public companies. Trilogy is highly opportunistic and sector-agnostic with a primary focus on highly fragmented industries that lend themselves to consolidation.


The company’s senior management and associated professionals are highly experienced capital markets executives with deep experience in the startup and emerging growth public company space. The company and its advisers are highly experienced with Legal, Finance, Accounting, Corporate Governance and M&A with a track record of successful transactions.

Business Model

The company’s business model is to facilitate the development or acquisition of profitable companies on an accretive basis. On a post-acquisition basis, Trilogy, the parent company, will provide its portfolio companies additional management expertise, financial support and legal supervision with a principal objective of driving revenues and profitability while maintaining the highest management and corporate governance standards.