Trilogy’s Portfolio Companies

Public Companies

Staffing 360 Solutions (NASDAQ: STAF)

Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: STAF) is a public company in the global staffing sector engaged in the acquisition of international staffing organizations with operations in the US, Europe and India.  As part of its targeted consolidation model, Staffing 360 Solutions is pursuing broad spectrum staffing companies in the IT, financial, accounting, healthcare and cybersecurity industries. The company believes the staffing industry offers opportunities to create a successful public company with a longer term objective of accretive acquisitions that will drive annual revenues to $300 million.  For more information, please visit:

The following is a link to an interview with Mr. Cervantes, the Founder and former Vice-Chairman and President of Staffing 360, on the nationally televised program New to the Street:

Big Cheese, Inc. d/b/a The Original Grilled Cheese Truck

Big Cheese, Inc. d/b/a The Original Grilled Cheese Truck is a development stage company being positioned as an international brand with a focus on grilled cheese products. Big Cheese, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on September 16, 2016. The Original Grilled Cheese Truck intends to capitalize on the burgeoning food truck industry with the addition of traditional retail stores, food carts and “pop-ups.” The Company intends to operate both franchised and company-owned trucks and stores.

BCI is a subsidiary of Trilogy Capital Group, LLC, a Miami-based private equity group. On October 5, 2016, BCI, Inc. executed an intellectual property rights purchase agreement with Dave Danhi, a successful chef and food industry entrepreneur and the owner of certain rights in and to the trademarks “The Grilled Cheese Truck,” “The Grilled Cheese Truck Stop,” “The Original Grilled Cheese Truck,” “The Original Grilled Cheese Truck Stop” and similar marks for various uses. The Company is devoting significant resources to the sale of franchises to Military Veterans providing reduced franchise fees and financing support. For more information, please visit: Watch a brief video overview on The Grilled Cheese Truck here:

Private Companies

Bonne Santé Group, Inc.

Bonne Santé Group, Inc. (“BSG” or the “Company”), is an early stage global nutraceutical company. Bonne Santé Group’s mission is the creation of a world-class nutraceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing and sale of quality nutraceutical and related health and lifestyle products for distribution to an expanding marketplace with a heavy emphasis on industrial hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) manufacturing and sales worldwide. Structured as a holding company, to drive growth and earnings, BSG will develop proprietary products as well as acquire other brands. BSG has already executed a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire a Florida-based state-of-the-art FDA-approved nutraceutical manufacturing facility.

Senior Hospitality Associates (formed)

Senior Hospitality Associates, Inc. is a recently formed Delaware corporation engaged in the acquisition and management of a broad spectrum of senior living facilities on a national basis.  Senior Hospitality Associates is a co-venture with Aeon Partners, Inc. a New Jersey-based private equity group.  The senior living industry is highly fragmented and lends itself to a national “buy and build” or consolidation strategy.  Management believes that a large pool of prospective acquisitions exists offering substantial opportunity for an emerging growth public company. This consolidation model is ideally suited for the senior living industry due to significant fragmentation coupled to the increasing demand of a broad spectrum of senior living needs.

Cyber Security Group (in formation)

Cyber Security Group, currently in formation, is engaged in the provision of critical temporary staffing and consulting services in the Cyber Security sector.  This company is being developed in direct response to the rising threat of global Cyberattacks. It is not a diversified staffing or consulting company but a so-called “pure play,” focused exclusively on Cyber Security and Cyber Terrorism. According to Gartner Research, global spending on cyber security by governments and corporations is expected to hit $86 billion by 2016. In addition, there are over 500,000 attacks on corporations globally every day, with America’s leading companies experiencing billions of dollars of intellectual property theft, much of which goes unnoticed.